Books Read list (January 2004)

1. CIG (Complete Idiots Guide) to Criminal Investigation. Axelrod & Antinozzi GREAT book ~ very informative! Library Book.
2. I don’t mean to be rude, but… by Simon Cowell. Entertaining Book from *the* American Idol judge, himself. (BOY he does have a very healthy opinion of himself!) ;-) Library Book.
3. 101 Ways to Be a Special Mom. Vicki Lansky. Library Book.
4. The Real Trial of Oscar Wilde. Merlin Holland. Library Book.
5. When objects talk. (Friendlander Jr. and Phillips.) Not what I was expecting. I think that this book was put into the Adult area of the library by mistake. Definitely a good book for kids ~ but a little lacking in the informational department for adults. Library Book.
6. Cordials from your Kitchen. (Vargas and Gulling.) YUUUMMMMM. I will be making cordials as gifts. These recipes are wonderful!! Library Book.
7. F*R*I*E*N*D*S (David Wild) Library Book.
8. Survivor (Mark Burnett) Library Book
9. Frontier House. (Simon Shaw) Library Book
10. Goblet of Fire. (JK Rowling.) Library Book
11. Just Ella. Margaret Peterson Haddix