“Mom” – Family Photograph (005-100)


I love this photograph of my mother.

I would say she is around two, maybe, in the photograph. She would have lived in Arkansas, at that time.

By this time in her life she was (largely) being raised by my (maternal) great-grandparents. Her natural father had left before she was born. She only saw her natural father twice in her life. My grandmother was working to support herself and my mother…so Grannie and Pa-Pa raised her whilst my grandmother was working. For this reason my mother was always very close to her Grandmother and Grandfather.

The one word comment on the back of this photograph was written in my mother’s hand.
It reads, very simply, “UGH!”

I find it sad that she hates this image so much. I think she was a beautiful baby.

This is one of my very favorite baby pictures, ever.


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