It definitely takes awhile…

…to get caught up once you’ve been offline for awhile due to health reasons.

Two heart surgeries (plus one pacemaker installation, later) – I am now back online. And revamping my website in order to reflect my professional redirect (required due to aforementioned health reasons).

It is nice to be back!


Fresh Content arriving, soon!

Please watch this space for an announcement regarding new content (as well as a new blog)!


Changes are in the air as I am recovering (nicely) from heart surgery and I am excited to announce my ability to return to work. I have missed writing and you, my readers.


My new blog will be up and running within the next week. Stay tuned for new and exciting reviews, blog posts and projects.


My best,



Looking for a Successful Fundraiser?



Would your charitable group or organization benefit from a Jamberry Nails fundraiser? Jamberry Nails offers groups a fantastic opportunity as a means to raise funds earning 10% of total sales as a direct donation to your charity, group, team or organization.

As an Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant, I will match the 10% rate donated by Jamberry which means that your organization receives a 20% donation, instead!

Creating your Jamberry Nails fundraiser is simple. I supply your group with catalogs, order forms and the simple instructions needed for placing the orders of your group, online. All your group does is share Jamberry Nail Wraps and send your group and/or customers of your group’s members to my Jamberry website in order to place orders for your organization. After the fundraiser time period expires (usually fundraisers run for three weeks), I total up the orders your fundraising group has collected and your organization will receive a check (made payable to your organization) which is the percentage (20%) representative of the total sales collected by the members of your organization!

Please contact me for more information regarding scheduling your Jamberry Nails fundraiser. I am happy to help your group or organization meet their financial goals, today!

Why select Jamberry Nails for your fundraiser?

1. We are a new company with brand-new items which are fashionable, trendy and economical.

2. Our items are unique and stand apart from any other fundraising options available, today. The more unique your fundraising items are, the more successful your fundraiser will be. People buy items which are new and exciting to them. Imagine how successful your fundraising efforts can be with Jamberry!

3. Jamberry products are safe, vegan, latex free and are also free from nasty chemicals. They are safe for all ages… which also increases the success of your fundraiser. Your group can sell to women, children…and grandchildren. That flexibility directly improves the bottom line financials of YOUR fundraiser!

4. Your fundraising group does not have to pay for any supplies. I send everything needed for a successful fundraiser, free of charge, within a week. You can start your fundraiser quickly and easily. Simply contact me, today!

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hollywood has granted another tip of the top hat to magic. Theater audiences have been granted another opportunity to view a film which features the art of performance magic. In a marked departure from the classic depiction of magic proffered in the 2006 release of both The Prestige and The Illusionist, Hollywood’s latest movieThe Incredible Burt Wonderstone–presents the world of magic in a manner that is decidedly more comedic.

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Cyril the Sorcerer vanishes 4 ton carbon footprint

English: The carbon footprint as it is underst...

The carbon footprint as it is understood by people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Making the world a greener place–one magic show at a time–is the heartfelt mission of environmental magician CJ May. Mr. May brings a unique, greening concept to his magic shows and presentations as his alter ego Cyril the Sorcerer. Recently CJ vanished a 4 ton carbon footprint
. . . and he is happy to include you in on the secret. For the improvement of the environment, as well as the planet, his “trick” is one in which the secrets are better shared.


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