Hello! My name is Cari . . .

Welcome to this page which serves as a way of introducing myself to you. I am glad that you are here – and I hope to get to know you better through your comments and active participation in each of the areas of this website . . . my little section of the Internet.

About me:

I am happily married to the man that makes my life a joy, every day. We have two children. Our oldest son is 22 and our youngest son is 17. Both of the boys were homeschooled. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. We moved here from Northern California (Sacramento) 12 years ago. Yes, it gets hot in Las Vegas (it’s a dry heat – but so is a blow torch) . . .  and no, we don’t gamble. We are owned by one Miniature Pinscher (Peaches) and two ferrets (Edward and Jacob).

About my family:

My husband is a magician in Las Vegas. Our oldest son has embarked on his own great adventure as he recently moved out of our home. He has a lovely girlfriend. We enjoy spending time with both of them. Our youngest son is interested in being a chef – and looks to start his own food blog, soon. We enjoy spending time with him, too!

About my hobbies:

I have an interest in many, many activities. I enjoy reading, writing, research, photography, collage, bricolage, genealogy, travel, good food, time with family and friends, magic, theater, movies, painting, cooking and baking. I am utterly fascinated with British (particularly English) history, the Renaissance era, Shakespeare, Henry VIII (and his wives), Lady Jane Grey and the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I know. That last subject isn’t specifically “English” . . . but the roots of the Lost Colony began in England so I felt it was worthy of mention.

I collect vintage cookbooks and rosaries.

About my working life:

I am a freelance writer-photographer. Once upon a time, I owned an entertainment agency which specialized in providing magical performance packages (packages in which I also performed as a magician) which combined quality entertainment with unique catered elements.

I have been able to successfully combine my varied interests in order to incorporate them in my professional life. I work as a freelance performance magic and travel writer. My photographic works have been featured on several websites, including the Shape of America program hosted by the American Institute of Architects. My written works have been featured in print as well as on numerous websites. I enjoy my job . . . and it shows!

I am always interested in networking.  Publicists/representatives with magic shows (for review, photographs and publicity), magic items (for review and publicity) , magic books (for review and publicity) and magic professionals and/or personalities (for interviews, photographs and publicity) are free to contact me, any time. I would be more than happy to discuss your interest in my creating content regarding your venue, product, show and/or performing personality. If you are a freelance writer – please feel free to contact me for networking opportunities, as well.

I have written for a number of publications. My content has also been featured on some of these websites:

– Las Vegas Magic for Examiner
– National Magic for Examiner
– Yahoo! Contributor Network
– American Institute of Architects – Shape of America
– Contributing Writer for Goddess in the Groove
– Vetter for ChaCha
– Blogger (on various platforms) with over 15 years of experience

In addition to my website, I can be found at the following online locations:

Twitter: Las Vegas Magic.

Facebook: Magical Ink.

You may also find me on Flickr and Pinterest.
You may reach me via email at: cari.hahn@gmail.com