Jeff Civillico’s ‘Win-Win Entertainment’ to offer a star-studded benefit event

Fans of magician Nathan Burton might recognize the name Jeff Civillico. Jeff performs his feats of juggling prowess during the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show. Jeff also headlines the “Comedy in Action” show at the Imperial Palace. “Comedy in Action” is produced by none other than Nathan Burton, himself.

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The Amazing Johnathan’s SCREAMont Experiment

English: Hotel / Casino New York-New York in L...

Hotel / Casino New York-New York in Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazing Johnathan–the internationally-known Las Vegas comic magician–has a stellar reputation for delighting in constructing his artistic renderings of sinister Halloween environments with which to horrify, and outright terrorize, his friends and family. Johnathan has, for the first time ever, decided to bring his renowned creations to life (so to speak) for Las Vegas visitors and/or residents.

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Illusionist Jan Rouven performing at the Riviera

Hieronymous Bosch paints a scene of a Renaissa...

Hieronymous Bosch paints a scene of a Renaissance mountebank fleecing incredulous gamblers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

German illusionist Jan Rouven–the man with nine lives–brings his popular “Illusions” evening show to Las Vegas audiences. Audience members are potentially in for a wild ride since Rouven’s show has the reputation of being a highly interactive production.

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Jeff McBride shocked to discover knock-off magician in Thailand

Magician. Pierpont Morgan, Visconti Sforza

Magician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeff McBride–the Master of Masks–was deeply distressed to discover that a magician, in Thailand, is performing his famed “Masks” routine . . . move for move, point for point and utilizing the same music. The knock-off magician (Pat “Jiw” Bozo, who performs using the name “The Mask”) can be seen on YouTube, at the present time. In watching the YouTube video one can see that the magician is indeed performing, to a very obvious degree, Jeff McBride’s entire classic mask routine. The performer also looks eerily similar to McBride’s own onstage persona.

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