The passing of a dear friend

One of the perks of writing for the Las Vegas Magic community, as I do, is that I get to create content which features the work of magicians that I admire (and have been fortunate enough to meet) – and that I am able to call more than a few of those magicians personal friends.

Recently I have discovered one of the drawbacks of writing for a community that I know, and love, so well. In the early morning hours of July 28th – I learned of the sudden and deeply unexpected passing of a dear friend. That friend was an active participant in the magic community – and I realized that I would have need to craft an article regarding the passing of a person that was dear to me.

My view was that I could no longer do anything for Bill in this life other than writing him the very best tribute that I could.

I hope that somehow–through my words–I have found a way to keep his memory bright and alive in the hearts of those that knew and adored him. It is also my hope that my words can serve as an introduction to the people reading that Bill never had the chance to meet.

It was with great sadness, and tremendous distress, that the Las Vegas magic community learned about the passing of one of their own during the early morning hours of July 28th. Las Vegas magician William (Bill) Robinson died unexpectedly from complications involving his heart.

The rest of Bill Robinson’s tribute (with photographs) can be found, HERE.

Rest in Peace, Bill.

You are well and truly missed.