Jeff McBride shocked to discover knock-off magician in Thailand

Magician. Pierpont Morgan, Visconti Sforza

Magician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeff McBride–the Master of Masks–was deeply distressed to discover that a magician, in Thailand, is performing his famed “Masks” routine . . . move for move, point for point and utilizing the same music. The knock-off magician (Pat “Jiw” Bozo, who performs using the name “The Mask”) can be seen on YouTube, at the present time. In watching the YouTube video one can see that the magician is indeed performing, to a very obvious degree, Jeff McBride’s entire classic mask routine. The performer also looks eerily similar to McBride’s own onstage persona.

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The surprising former jobs of celebrity magicians

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancr...

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancroft performing illusions in front of a harem of women. Caption: “Frederick Bancroft, prince of magicians: Act II – the magnificent Orient and the wizard’s enchantments.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we get ready for the beginning of summer, it is easy to begin to think of the jobs we once held during the summer months . . . or even of the jobs that led us to what we are doing, now. Celebrity magicians are no different in that regard. For instance, do you know:


  • Which magician worked as a lifeguard during the summer months?
  • Which magician worked for a carnival touring company?
  • Which world-famous magician was once a columnist for the former PC/Computing magazine?
  • Which magician once co-owned a dry cleaning business?


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Top 5 things you might not know about Jeff McBride

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How much do you know about the American sleight of hand master that is also known as Magnus? Here are some little known facts about the 3-time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo:

  1. Jeff studied at the American Mime School in New York City. During that time period he also worked full-time in the Flosso Hornman magic shop.
  2. He became a Vegas headliner at the Hilton. He was only 25.

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Jeff McBride’s Wonderground

English: View of the Las Vegas Strip from the ...

View of the Las Vegas Strip from the Stratosphere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magician Jeff McBride created the Wonderground as a means of creating a home, of sorts, for the magical and artistic community members of the Las Vegas Valley. On the third Thursday of each month magicians, dancers, musicians, variety acts, poets and other artists from around the world all converge upon the Mediterranean restaurant (and hookah lounge) The Olive for a magical evening of revelry and entertainment brought to you by some of the finest performers gathered in Las Vegas.

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