David Copperfield donates Martin Luther King, Jr. tape to Memphis museum

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial -- Washington...

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial — Washington (DC) September 2011 (Photo credit: Ron Cogswell)

When Chattanooga, Tennessee resident Stephon Tull was going through musty boxes in his father’s attic a few months ago, he hadn’t imagined finding an audiotape from 1960s. The tape might have gone unnoticed were it not for the rather distinctive label found affixed to the item. The recording was labeled “Dr. King interview, Dec. 21, 1960.”

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2013 Walk of Fame to honor magicians Penn and Teller

English: Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas

Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce–along with 2012 Walk of Fame honoree Marg Helgenberger–announced the 2013 recipients of 24 stars on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame. Magicians Penn and Teller have been named as honorees of the prestigious award as a means of recognizing their contributions as magicians within the category of live performance.

On June 22, Penn Jillette posted the news on his Twitter stream saying “We are getting a star in Hollywood. This would have meant the world to my folks and my sister. I miss them so much.”

The list of 2013 Walk of Fame honorees include:

  • Jane Lynch (Television category, Glee.)
  • Matthew Perry (Television category, Friends.)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (Television category, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.)
  • Simon Baker (Television category, The Mentalist.)
  • Bryan Cranston (Television category, Malcolm in the Middle.)
  • Katey Sagal (Television category, Married . . . with Children.)

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The surprising former jobs of celebrity magicians

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancr...

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancroft performing illusions in front of a harem of women. Caption: “Frederick Bancroft, prince of magicians: Act II – the magnificent Orient and the wizard’s enchantments.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we get ready for the beginning of summer, it is easy to begin to think of the jobs we once held during the summer months . . . or even of the jobs that led us to what we are doing, now. Celebrity magicians are no different in that regard. For instance, do you know:


  • Which magician worked as a lifeguard during the summer months?
  • Which magician worked for a carnival touring company?
  • Which world-famous magician was once a columnist for the former PC/Computing magazine?
  • Which magician once co-owned a dry cleaning business?


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Tannen’s Magic presents the ‘Pack Smart, Play Anywhere’ lecture by Bill Abbott

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magician Bill Abbott has carefully constructed a lecture entitled Pack Smart, Play Anywhere as a means of teaching performing magicians exactly how they can create a quality show which can be easily packed and carried in a small, flat case. Abbott is bringing this successful lecture to Tannen’s Magic at 7:00 p.m. on June 12, 2012.

Highlights of the lecture include learning:

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Bill Abbott brings his ‘The Thing’ workshop to Tannen’s Magic

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magicians traveling to New York would be wise to attend the popular workshop–The Thing–at Tannen’s Magic at 4:00 p.m. on June 10, 2012. This special workshop is being led by Canadian magician Bill Abbott. Abbott is also a respected inventor of original magical effects and routines . . . including, but not limited to, the marvelous self-contained levitation illusion The Thing.

Now is the chance for workshop attendees to learn from the creator of this creative specimen of levitation, himself. In this highly customized workshop attendees will learn:

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Women in Magic Conference August 26 and 27 at the Red Jacket Beach Resort

English: Map of the towns on Cape Cod. http://...

Map of the towns on Cape Cod. http://capecodhistory.us/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Women in Magic Conference will take place August 26 and 27 at the Red Jacket Beach Resort in beautiful South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. This Cape Cod event has been planned by women in the magic industry especially for women in the magic industry.

Magically inclined women will have a wide variety of activities to choose from during this exciting event which covers two days. Registration for the event runs $125.00. The event offers networking opportunities, goodie bags, panel discussions, lectures and stage performances with an eye towards appealing to–as well as being professionally beneficial for–women working within the magic industry.

Some of the performers that have been scheduled for the Women in Magic Conference:

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David Copperfield’s Disappearing Inc. files lawsuit over unsatisfactory work

English: A picture of illusionist David Copper...

A picture of illusionist David Copperfield. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An attorney representing magician David Copperfield’s company Disappearing Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Splashes Creative Services for work which has been found to be unsatisfactory.

Splashes Creative Services had been a privately incorporated company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Splashes Creative Services was dissolved in January according to the recent court paperwork on file. The company was owned by Shelly North. Splashes Creative Services offered stage hardware and equipment services. Splashes had been listed in the Construction category of Motion Picture Set Design & Construction. The company had allegedly been contracted to provide services on Musha Cay, David Copperfield’s island–part of the Exuma chain–in the southern Bahamas. Musha Cay is located 85 miles southeast of Nassau.

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