The surprising former jobs of celebrity magicians

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancr...

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancroft performing illusions in front of a harem of women. Caption: “Frederick Bancroft, prince of magicians: Act II – the magnificent Orient and the wizard’s enchantments.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we get ready for the beginning of summer, it is easy to begin to think of the jobs we once held during the summer months . . . or even of the jobs that led us to what we are doing, now. Celebrity magicians are no different in that regard. For instance, do you know:


  • Which magician worked as a lifeguard during the summer months?
  • Which magician worked for a carnival touring company?
  • Which world-famous magician was once a columnist for the former PC/Computing magazine?
  • Which magician once co-owned a dry cleaning business?


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Top 10 things you might not know about Penn Jillette

English: Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas

English: Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How much do you know about the audible, taller half of Penn & Teller? Here are some little-known facts about Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette:

  1. In order to demonstrate that he didn’t have “any tricks up his sleeves” – Penn used to arrive onstage for his magical performances, naked.
  2. Penn was once an on-air announcer for the cable channel Comedy Central.
  3. In 1974 he was part of a three-person act called the Asparagus Valley Cultural Society. The other two members of the act were Wier Chrisemer and someone that Penn had been introduced to earlier that same year: Teller.

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