The surprising former jobs of celebrity magicians

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancr...

Poster shows American magician Frederick Bancroft performing illusions in front of a harem of women. Caption: “Frederick Bancroft, prince of magicians: Act II – the magnificent Orient and the wizard’s enchantments.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we get ready for the beginning of summer, it is easy to begin to think of the jobs we once held during the summer months . . . or even of the jobs that led us to what we are doing, now. Celebrity magicians are no different in that regard. For instance, do you know:


  • Which magician worked as a lifeguard during the summer months?
  • Which magician worked for a carnival touring company?
  • Which world-famous magician was once a columnist for the former PC/Computing magazine?
  • Which magician once co-owned a dry cleaning business?


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Top 5 picks for Las Vegas illusion and magic shows

English: Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With everything from edgy magic that is sure to please any enigma-seeking adult to offering up family-friendly entertainment, Las Vegas performers cover every contingency!

The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas

Illusionist Rick Thomas brings together unique combinations of magic, illusion, exotic cats, birds and music. Upgrading a ticket to the VIP status allows the audience members to take part in the “Tiger Encounter” where VIP ticket holders may ask questions about Bengal tigers and then go on stage to have a photograph taken with Rick’s majestic cats. The VIP “Tiger Encounter” takes place directly following each show. Show times are 3:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Ticket prices are $39.95 and $49.99. Ticket prices for children are $19.95. Ticket prices listed do not include applicable fees and taxes. This show is appropriate for any age.

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